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Special thanks and acknowledgements to ...

David Alexander

Michael Buss

Allan Clack

Steve Colquhoun

Fred Cutter

Bob Dylan

Helen Eden

Diana Flood

Simon Goddard

Derek Greenacre

Greg Holmes

Houghton Angling Club

Michael Jarvis

Val  Lester

Karen Lewellen

Brian Maidment

Manchester Pickwick Club

Sue Mayer

Jude Melling

Chris Nevard

Rictor Norton

Bob Patten

Plaques for All,

Adam Pollock

Jane Rabb

Nuria Reina

Frances Rouse

Martin Rowley

Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson

Eddie Smith & Westminster School Archives

David Stern

R.S. Surtees Society

Camy Valente

Tom Wallace

Amanda Wilkinson

Seymour Slideshow: Robert Seymour drew thousands of pictures. Above are eight examples, including the suicide-themed Better Luck Next Time.

But the biggest thanks of all, by far, goes to my wife, Elaine.  Without Elaine’s unwavering support, Death and Mr Pickwick could not have been written.  She backed the novel  from the moment I told her the concept - not only by being the sole breadwinner while I was writing, but on occasions by making important suggestions for the text, and by helping with research.  I can never thank you enough, Elaine, for everything you have done, and for being the incredible, extraordinary, wonderful you. 

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